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By Mr. Mahandis Yoanata


In 1712, Joseph Collets wrote mail to the council proposed to build a new garrison in Carrang (probably refers to Ujung Karang). It is about three kilometers far from Fort York.

This fort was established in 1714-1719 by Joseph Collet (1712-16). The progress was continued by his successors: Thiophilus Shyllinge (1716-17), Richard Farmer (1717-18), and Thomas Cooke (1718-19).

Gravestone of Cap. James Cuney (moved from British Cemetery in Jitra)

Lyeth Interrd the
Body of
Cap. James Cuney
Who departed this
February 7th 1737
A.Aetatis 36”

“A.Aetatis 36”, it stands for “anno aetatis suae 36”,
that means “"in the year of his age 36 years"

Gravestone of Henry Stirling (moved from British Cemetery in Jitra)
lies interred
the body
Henry Stirling
Late Council at Fort Marlborough on this coast
He was ninth son of
James Stirling of Key Esq.
And the honourable
Mr. Maron Stewart
of the Kingdom of Scotland and Departed
this life on first day
of April 1744
Aged 25 years”

August 1760
The France assault from the sea and captured Fort Marlborough under the command of Admiral Comte Charles d’Estaing.

March 1761
The France left the Bencoolen.

July 1761
The British expedition under the command of Captain Vincent was conflicted by native authority. They refused the British arrival in Bencoolen.

February 1762
The British retake the Fort Marlborough. When the British returned to slip back it to Bengal’s jurisdiction, Bencoolen functioned as separated presidency until 1773.

February 1785
Presidency of Fort Marlborough was set back to Residency administration, and responsible to Calcutta Presidency in India. It ruled until the end of the colony in 1825 on the subject of Anglo-Dutch Treaty 1824.

Fort Marlborough seen from the South
Engraved by Joseph Stadler 1799

Fort Marlborough seen from the South-East
Engraved by Joseph Stadler 1799

March 1825 – March 1942
Fort Marlborough was occupied by the Dutch

The Dokar in front of Fort Marlborough – Bencoolen 1900
Source: KITLV

A trio of European women dressed in sarong,
with the background of Fort Marlborough Bencoolen – 1920
Source: Tropenmuseum

March 1942 – August 1945
Fort Marlborough was captured by Imperial Japanese Army. The Prison chamber was purposed for Japanese internment camp.

Compass and Message that scratched on the wall by Japanese Prisoner of War 1942-45


Fort Marlborough was captured by the Dutch concerning the Crow Operation in “Politionele Actie II” or “Military Agression II”.

Fort Marlborough was the assets of the Indonesia Army (TNI AD).

Preservation by Department of Education and Culture, Indonesian Government.

Fort Marlborough was turned form asset of Indonesian Army into the asset of the Department of Education and Culture.

April 1984
Inauguration of Fort Marlborough Museum for public.

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