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Pagar Alam Custom Dress, Southern Sumatra


In pagelaran budaya pagar alam (Pagar alam cultural show) in Palembang Indah Mall, there are many cultural Pagar Alam Origin try to introduce to public.

Photo below show you a fes custom dress from Pagar Alam area. In the past pagar alam ever been part of rejang land and of course a few cultural will be asimilated with rejang culture. In major the pagar alam have influence by Pasemah Culture. This area have many interesting cultural tourism object. The famous one is Megalith Stone that still mistery from pasemah land that can be see till today. Have plan to visit pagar alam?

Pagar Alam custom dress before Islamic influence come to rejang land

Pagar Alam custom dress

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Pagelaran budaya pagar alam di PIM 082008
Photo by Doddy Np


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