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Siwar Dance, from Pagar Alam, Southern Sumatra


Siwar is the traditional weapon (a kind of knife) from rejang and passumah tribe. The old dance using the Siwar as you see hold in hands of dancer.

In long time ago, the clasic siwar dance some time use magic power, so the dancer can be more atractable with immune from puncture and will be wound when knice attack the body dancer using the siwar or kuduk genuine. How the performance Siwar Dance (Classic Siwar dance) as you see at photo below.

The other Siwar dance is creation siwar dance, in which the dancer took the kris heritage of ancestors to protect themselves from criminals or wild animals.

The traditional instrument music to accompany siwar dance :

Drum, accordion, and klintang as major instrument

This drum will make you heart beat more hard on

The klintang, a few small gong with different sound

Source :
Pagelaran budaya pagar alam di PIM 082008
Photo by Doddy Np edited by Tun Jang


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