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Pat Lawang Dancer


In long time ago, "Pat lawang and rejang sindang merdiko" is union in one district behind Netherland Indische goverment. District known in history as "Rejang and Pat Lawang Afdeling". Recently, pat lawang to be a regency by himself and named as Empat Lawang Regency, part of Rejang land if we refers to history. Empat lawang regency behind of South Sumatra Province territority.

As family and asimilate culture, we can see many similarity culture still exist aas today like the pat lawang dancer photo below. Photo taken at November 2008, when Pat lawang cultural presentation event and promote they culture in Palembang Indah Mall at capital city South Sumatra province, Indonesia.

The opening dance

A beautifull dancer use long nail accesories ( Tanggai), its look like
Rejang people Ceremonial cloth dancer too.

Smile from dancer to audinece

Pat Lawang dancer with colosal cloth

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