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Ritual Temuun Gung Klintang at Kejai Dance Event


Temmun Gung Klintang is a ritual ceremony that must be to do before Kejai dance to be held. The ritual ceremony to marks will be held big banquet as in rejang say as Kedurai Agung.

Rejangese Music Instrument Gung Klintang Set

So, thats meaning, if some body watch the temuun gung klintang ritual in one place, thats meaning in thats place will be held Kedurai Agung, and also, Kejai Dance will be held automatically.

Temu'un gung klintang is symbolized moving the Gung Klintang from the storage to Balei Kejei. Balei Kejei meaning a stage where the Kejai dancer will be performance and can be watch by audiences or invitation person at Kedurai Agung.

The ritual held at Balei Kejei, and led by chieft of batin. Procession begun with submit leaves of betel to the person who organize kejai dance. This is symbolized to permit and allow Kejai dance event start after hitting Ketuk (Ketuk similar to big kentongan in Java). How ketuk look like you can see as photo below :

Opening the ritual temuun gung klintang

The next rules continued with gung klintang session. This session to do smear gung klintang with special ingredients, than spatter with water sedingin and blas kuning (turmeric rice) , which previously has been read ideu-ideu (mantras or magic word) as you see in photo below.

After done with gung klintang, also to do for all audineces in balei kejai and the anok sangei (Kejai Dancer) as you show at photo below.


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