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Lemea - Bamboo shoot fermentation, the Unique food from Rejang Land


Lemea is a typical food from Rejang, South Lebong, Bengkulu province. My father came from that area.

Lemea made from bamboo shoot. The process of making lemea little unique and also produce an unique taste. Making lemea will take approximately 6 days. Lemea not eaten directly but must be cooked with spices and very specific favor is presented with fried fish, raw vegetables and “sambal”.

Lemea bamboo sprout is the result of acid fermentation process. Made of bamboo sprout a cut lengthwise along the thin matchbox. Once washed, soaked bamboo sprout in the water. And then mixed with river fish that is not boiled briefly until cooked.

Usually, the fish used is fish “semah” in our language-Rejang Lebong. I do not know what the semah in bahasa. Semah fish are fish or freshwater Rivers, Scaly white and bony Vulnerable. After mixed with fish, the mixture soak for at least 2 nights. Older will be more palatable.

After the fermentation is complete, lemea ready to be eaten with the first brackets for them. Cooking lemea is not difficult. For “tumisan” spacecraft with onion and Chilli and the white Breaks, a little sereh and lengkuas. Lemea Taste sour Taste and Spices scathing coalesce into a sense of fresh stimulate appetite. The Sharp smell lemea can add Taste our food.

Lemea this can be Stored several months.

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