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Military aviation KNIL (history)


Set up: 04-04-1942 in Canberra (Australia)

Component of: Military aviation KNIL

Classified at: LuCoJa (aviation commando Java)
LuCoSu (aviation commando Sumatra)

Action field (and): Whole archipelago

Commander (and): Lt.Kol. M. of Haselen 04-04-1942 /13-06-1945
| Lt.Kol R.E. Jessurun 13-06-1945/14-02-1946
Cuts down. W. Boot 14-02-1946/29-06-1946
Lt.Kol. C. Terluin 29-06-1946 /01-11-1946
Cuts down. D. Berlin 01-11-1946 /07-06-1947
Cuts down. W.F.A. Winckel 07-06-1947 /15-06-1948
1st Lt. Hulscher 15-06-1948/31-08-1948
Cuts down. R. the Senerpont Domis 31-08-1948/14-10-1949
Cuts down. P. van Buren 14-10-1949/12-04-1950
Cuts down. H. of kept out 12-04-1950/15-05-1950

Raised: 15-05-1950

Perished: 24 man

At the establishment of 18 Squadron in 1942, these had been manned with staff of ML-Knil, which had escaped after Japanese invasion or had been evacuated. Later the squadron were completed with Australian airmen of the CORBEL.
The Squadron had equipped with means-heavy bombers of the type B-25 Mitchell. After a training of six months the Squadron became operational and used in allied link in the SWPA (South West Pacific Area).
After the capitulation of Japan, on 15 augusts 1945, the Squadron under command of the Cdt came. SEAC (South East Asia Command) with as main basis Balikpapan.

The new task for the Squadron existed from, explorations for the SEAC, tracing internment camps, airdrop foods/medecines and the transport of ex internees to Australia for the RAPWI. Concerning the strained situation could be placed there however planes still no on Java and Sumatra and could B-25's exclusively landed if whole disarmed and purely and only for not military aims.
On 25 November 1945 CORBEL part of the Squadron was raised concerning the demobilisation of the Australian airmen.

In November 1945 a beginning was made with the displacement of the Squadron to fly basis Tjililitan on Java. In the course of 1946, one air support to ground forces-, granted beside freight and passenger transport tevens a military task and, got the Squadron.
On 1 April 1946 the last part of the Squadron of Balikpapan on Tjililitan arrived and was the Squadron, although for a short while, entirely. By the rapidly changing situation and wishes of the territorial troop commanders were regulated B-25's stationed on other fly basis like at Bali and Makassar, and Semarang.
In October 1946 16 the Squadron were set up from staff of 18 Squadron.

During the 1st police action, on 21 July 1947, the Squadron were mainly used for explorations and bombarding track lines and artillery elaborations of the TNI. Thus among other things the section Cheribon - Poerwakarta and the section Kroja - Gombong and the coast artillery on Noesakembangan were bombarded. Explorations took place above republican area to get thereby a picture of the sterkte and displacements of the TNI.
In sum during the 1st police action 55 sorties were flown there.

After the 1st police action resumed one the normal activities that mainly existed from granting air support to ground forces-. In august 1948 16 the Squadron, was quartered at Palembang, raised. The being released staff was classified at 18 Squadron. This staff remained however quartered at Palembang.

During 2e the police action, on 19 December 1948, B-25's had been quartered there at Tjililitan, Semarang, Medan, and Andir (Bandoeng). The task of the squadron existed from eliminating the air power of the TNI (the AURI) and supporting ground forces-. This support was sometimes vital like at the opmars of the w brigade to Banjarnegara, where one ran up against violent antagonism and the opmars reached standstill. Also the Squadron prevented the destruction of the bridges at Rangkasbitoeng during the opmars in spell-tame.
Not only on Java but also on Sumatra the Squadron came into operation. This way granted the Squadron among other things support at Laboehanbilik (North Sumatra), eliminated two radio stations at Tjoeroep and Kepahiang (south Sumatra) and granted one support to the air landing at Djambi (in the middle of Sumatra). Moreover the Squadron carried out also explorations still a lot of.
In sum during 2e the police action 337 sorties were flown there.

In April 1950 the Squadron were still extended with PVA P51 sparrow grip ex Photo exploration department.

On 15 May 1950 18 Squadron were raised.



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