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4 - 1 regiment infantry


Set up: 05-11-1946 at Assen

Component of: d division palm tree

Departure India: 23-05-1947 a/b Kota Baroe

Arrival India: 20-06-1947 at Palembang

Added to: T.T.C. Zuid-Sumatra

Classified at: 5e Infantry brigade

Action field (and): Palembang, Pendopo, Lahat, Praboemoelih,
Benkoelen Tjoeroep, Tebing Tinggi

Commander: Lt.Kol H.G.M. construction man 05-11-1946/07-02-1950

Repatriated: 24-02-1950 a/b Pasteur
07-02-1950 arrival Amsterdam

Perished: 21 man

Nickname: t Fiere duckling

The battalion was formed from conscripts of reinflation 46. After arrival at Palembang it was acted on by the KNIL and among other things quartered at Moesi Pait, Peiboem, Melania and the fly field Telang Betoetoe. During 1e police action, on 21 July 1947, the battalion was deployed in the beveiliging of the city. A group was classified at cie. of Inf.XI.KN IL for the opmars to Pankalan Balai (action Groningen). By violent oil fires the opmarsroute Pankalan Balai were just occupied on 23 July. Hereafter pelotons still two were used for action to Tebenan, Babat and Sekajoe. After the bezetting of Pendopo Inf.X.KNIL for the guard of the there present oil fields two pelotons of D-cie were quartered. As from by the end of august up to October also B, C and A-cie in the Pendopo sector were quartered with among other things mails at Radjah, Modong, Teloek Loeboek, Niroe, Poeroen, Airitam and Tebing Boelan. D-cie left the oil fields and got mails at Talang Akar, Djirak, and detachement at Praboemoelih 3 (7) R. A group of B-cie was lent from October to February 1948 to 4-4 RI and was quartered at job and Simang Mesir. In April 1948 the battalion took over Lahat of 4 (8) R with among other things mails at Soeghiwaras, Semendo, Terkoel and Soengei Laroe. In this area the task of the battalion existed especially from patrolling along the demarcation line (VP task).

During 2e police action marched in the battalion (minus A-cie) on 29 December 1948 regency Benkoelen. A group existing from a group of A and C-cie and two pelotons of D-Cie, the supported genius, artillery and armour carriages, impregnated by means of Tebing Tinggi and Loeboek Linggau on to Tjoeroep. After a heavy excursion, slowed down by the vele destruction, Tjoeroep were reached after some days. D-cie the stootte directly by to Kepahiang. B-cie and group C-cie drew that on 29 December on to Pageralam on 31 December were occupied. After two weeks Pageralam were transferred to 4-4 RI. B-cie were quartered in Loeboek Linggau. A-cie were quartered in Tebing Tinggi.

After 2e police action the battalion had been spread concerning a large area around Tebing Tinggi, Loeboek Linggau, Tjoeroep and Kepahiang that by air had be supplied temporarily. Later the battalion at Lebong and Benkoelen (on 1 May 1949 of Inf.VI.KN IL it was taken over) it was also quartered. Benkoelen that were cut entirely pale a heavy mail. But after the supply route was open it could be entirely purified area.

On 11 December the battalion profession was transferred to the TNI. The battalion left to Java and was quartered at Tangerang awaiting repatriation.

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