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Papilio Helenus Enganus


Papilio Helenus Enganus ; Rothschild, 1915
(Red Helen Butterfly)

This is Papilio Helenus Enganus, a papilio butterfly taken from Rejang Land, South West Sumatra Highland, Indonesia.

A large black prominently tailed butterfly. It has a wingspan of 100 to 120 mm. It has a prominent large yellow discal patch on its upper hindwings, which is characteristic of the species.
On the under hindwing it has a row of red submarginal lunules.

Papilio Helenus introduce first time by Linnaeus 1758, and the sub species name Papilio Helenus Enganus named by Rothschild at year 1915 for Papilio Helenus from region sumatra, Java, Lombok and Borneo.

Scientific classification
Species:P. Helenus Enganus

For comparison to identify, I put photo the sub species papilio helenus helenus from pahang malaysia and a few reference list below.

Papilio Helenus Helenus from Frasser Hill`s, Pahang, Malaysia
(Taken from Gan`s Blog Singapore)

Photo by Leicneagra Leic (Curup Kami)
Location : Teladan Village, South Curup District, Rejang Lebong Regency, Rejang Land, South West Sumatra Highland, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia.

Reference :
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