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Textile : Pasemah 'Adat' Runner


Pasemah 'Adat' Runner

From Asian Tribal Art Collection, Tribal Trappings offers a carefully-selected collection of authentic
tribal art and artifacts.

This is Pasemah 'Adat' Runner.

Pasemah 'Adat' Runner.

Size: 56.25" x 23.3"

Made of cotton, this textile from central Sumatera is 'adat', or made for ritual use. The unusual central field of purple/pink is created by rust-colored red warps and purple wefts; lengthwise edges are indigo. The ends are decorated in gold and silver songket and differ slightly, perhaps as gender references. It has one small hole and some old stains, but otherwise is in fine condition, reflecting its importance to its owners. Pasemah textiles were little known until a decade or so ago; they are now prized by collectors. First third 20thc.

Sold out $580.00

Credit :
Tribal Trapping


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