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Temam water fall, southern sumatra highland


Temam water fall
Musi Rawas Regency

From other rejang land area is Musi rawas Regency, with Lubuk Linggau Town as capital city. This are now pupular with local name as Bumi Silampari, taken from folktale from this area, Tale of princess silampari.

Photo by Kristoforus Ricardo

The Temam Waterfall is a natural tourist area. With height 12 m and width of 25 m. Interior with natural rocks surrounds and green trees as the natural environment unspoiled.

This tourism object is located 11 km to the south of the center Lubuk Linggau Town, Musi Rawas, South Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Lubuk linggau town will be get within a 6.5-hour journey by motor vehicle from Palembang. As another alternative gate, the city avaible reach Bengkulu City and is approximately 4 hours drive from Bengkulu.

i recomended you will chosse from Bengkulu gate way, because from here, with 4 houra trip to Lubuk Linggau, you will pass Kapahiang and Curup town, the old town and biggest in rejang land, where you can enjoy the fres mountain view of Bukit Barisan series. All you will stop by a moment at pelalo plateau (pelalo highland) before arrived to destination.

Photo by Pemkot Linggau

This waterfall itself is located ± 50 m from the road that connects subdistric Air Temam and sub distric Rahma. For tourists who will visit this region takes ± 30 minutes from the center Lubuk linggau town with a motor vehicle in two alternative entrance, which is the entrance to the direction of subdistric Rahma or subdistric Temam with pretty good connecting road conditions.

To be able to enter the area of this waterfall tours, visitor entrance fee charged for rp. 1000 for one person and registration fee charge Rp. 300o every car or motorcycle . Motor vehicle parking are not large, because it was full, you can parked at lane road also.


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