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Pelalo Highland View


Pelalo highland is a place as plateau at Rejang land with beautifull view panoramic. This area lie down not far away from Pematahan Danau (Now known as Danau Mas), a valley with natural pool when wet season coming.

At below is a view pelalo highland when cloudy and mountain fogging comes. If the sky clear you will be get the amazing view like you be stand at summit of mountain. For nice shoot you can put you cursor at photo and click to enlarge. So enjoy how fresh the pelalo Highland at rejang land interior.

Yau can reach Pelalo as 28 km from Curup, part of Rejang Lebong Regency, part of Bengkulu province. You can get also from Lubuk Linggau City as a gate from trans midle sumatra roadway, as Curup neighbour city, and still part of Rejang land at the past, and now lubuk linggau part of South Sumatra Province. At the other word, this area located near border town Curup - Lubuk Linggau City.

From this highland we can see Besar mount, Kaba Mount, Kerinci Seblat National Park, and Lubuk Linggau city.

Photo by admin on july 2009


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