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Kaur Custom Dress Origin


This is the traditional Kaur Custom Dress. The Kaur people (tribe) majority located at Kaur regency, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia. Kaur people be interior Rejang Land Lampung Land. The capital city Kaur Regency is Bintuhan.

Honestly. This the truely custom dress Kaur Origin. This is appropriate data in the museum, and old litelature. So I believe this the Kaur Custom Dress Origin.

Please see the detail lady kaur jacket at link and link . That appropriate also with collection from Volkenkunde Museum and tropen museum Netherland.

In Taman Mini Indonesia Indah( TMII) show the kaur custom dress like you see at link , pls take a look, that really different with photo above. I dont know what the reason. Or Kaur have custom dress similar like rejang tribe or lembak tribe? If it is wrong, who be responbility to spread out information about the wrong Kaur Custon Dress at TMII?

But I believe according with many data in old book and information from museum, the Kaur Custom Dress in photo above is the true one!

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Photo : Modified by Tun Jang from Bala Putra Photo Collection


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