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Asiatic Malayan Horn Frog "The 1st Winner" Amphibian Open Catagory at Salatiga Reptile Contest 2009


Megophrys nasuta from Rejang Land Origin
1st Winner Amphibia open catagory, Salatiga Reptile Contest 2009

The 1st winner amphibia open catagory and the trophy

This is a Megophrys nasuta (Schlegel, 1858) or asiatic malayan horn frog. A unique creature and rare in nature colect from Rejang land origin, south west Sumatra. This frog take care by Wimmy Hartawan and he bring it to Jogjakarta City, in Java Island, Indonesia.

In middle of October 2009, Wimmy follow the Salatiga Reptile Contest. Salatiga city is Jogjakarta neighbour city where many reptile hobbies often gathering. Be surprise this frog after follow all examination by a few judge, come out as 1st winner in Amphibia open catagory. Congrotulation for Wimmy, finally his pets taken from his hometown tobe a winner.

Held in at Waroeng HEBE Perum Kota Baru, Salatiga City, Central Java province, Indonesia on October 18th, 2009, the even Salatiga Reptile Contest ran smoothly and successfully by "SIRETIC", a lover reptile community in Salatiga city.

The contest diveded to a few catagory :
  • - Open Retic A (<1,5m)
  • - Open Retic B (>1,5m)
  • - Open Python
  • - Open Colubrid Lokal
  • - Open Colubrid Import
  • - Open Lizard
  • - Open Boa
  • - Open Candoia
  • - Open turtle & Tortoise
  • - Open Morph
  • - Open Amphibian
Lets take a look few scene at Salatiga Reptile Contest October 18th, 2009

The judges in Salatiga Reptile Contest

The is 1st winner from Amphibia open catagory
This frog collect from Rejang land origin on July 2009 (Curup Town)

All trophy for all contestant who to be the winner

One of Open Boa snake contestant proud with his pets

Lizard open catagory contestant

Source :
Wimmi hartawan Collection Photo


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