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Treron oxyurus


Merpati Hijau Sumatra
Sumatran Green Pigeon

Photo by Mr. James Eaton
Member of The Oriental Bird Club
Rejang Land member of The Oriental Bird Club

2009 IUCN Red List Category (as evaluated by BirdLife International - the official Red List Authority for birds for IUCN): Near Threatened

Justification This scarce montane species probably has a moderately small population which is likely to be declining owing to continuing habitat degradation. It therefore qualifies as Near Threatened.

Family/Sub-family Columbidae

Species name author (Temminck, 1823)

Taxonomic source(s) Sibley and Monroe (1990, 1993)

Synonyms Treron oxyura Collar and Andrew (1988), Treron oxyura Collar et al. (1994), Treron oxyura BirdLife International (2000), Treron oxyura BirdLife International (2004), Treron oxyura Sibley and Monroe (1990, 1993)

Taxonomic note Gender agreement of species name follows David and Gosselin (2002b).


Population estimate

Population trend

Range estimate (breeding/resident)

Country endemic?





Range & population Treron oxyurus is restricted to Sumatra (350-1,800 m) and West Java (600-3,000 m), Indonesia; though formerly considered locally common it is now apparently very hard to find on both islands.

Ecology: It occurs in hill and montane forest, to 1,800 m in Sumatra and to 3,000 m in Java.

Threats Destruction of its preferred habitat has been widespread in the lower parts of its elevation range, and it is now rather scarce.

Conservation measures underway None is known.

Conservation measures proposed Survey to assess population size. Regularly monitor at certain sites throughout its range to determine population trends. Investigate the extent of hunting by local residents. If relevant, control hunting where possible, perhaps using awareness campaigns. Protect significant areas of primary montane forest across its altitudinal range.

References BirdLife International (2001).

Photo located
Tapan Hill and Mount Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia 2006, 2009

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