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Rejang Children Custom Dress Competition


This is a few children constestant follow Rejang Children Custom Dress Competition Even at Curup town 129th anniversary.

Various feelings appearance at their face, happy, scared, proud or stress. It look funny some how. Their parent look more busy than they are :)

Action on stage

Prepare the next contestant on stage

Very cuttie :)

Ready to action at stage

Good cooperation

the queue of contestant

Parents give advice before competition

Do not scare my sister

Hair dressing accesories

With her mom

Before competition

action in stage

Credit photo by Alex Muhibat


wida ( Who am I? ) said...
July 01, 2009  
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I'm sure that was a really fun event, I'm so surprised while realizing that one of them is my beloved nephew, his name is Rifky.. :)

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