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Plaited Bamboo, Rejang Betel Nut Set Box


Bokoa Iben
Betel nut set box, made from plaited bamboo or rattan.

Many rejangese in past tense doing chewing betel but addict. You can find a few rejangese still chewing betel nut recently in village. Some reports say chewing betel create durable and resistant teeth from dental disease.

Now, betel leaf use as antiseptic material by some medicine factory, especially for gargle (mouthwash) or for mouth odour medicine treatment.

A few betel nut set box form ever use by rejangese in daily chewing betel nut have set out at BMA Stand at Curup town 129th Anniversarry as you see below. All material made from plaited bamboo. Betel nut set box plaited bamboo or rattan call as Bokoa Iben by Rejangese.

Credit photo by Curup Kami


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