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Keris Bengkulu


Old Knife Lawi Ayam Sumatranese sewar blade keris

An old knife, I suppose it was a kind of Lawi Ayam or Taji Ayam of Sumatranese island, maybe from Bengkulu or Lampung area, uncleaned blade, just offering like that, it showing available hidden pamor pattern like Mrambut or maybe Ngulit Semongko, have one sharp at the front part and dull at the back part, like bending knife.

The clothes are newly made, even I found it like that, blinker Klengkeng wood, decorated with emboss sheet, silvery color.
- length of the blade = 13.90 cm ; total measurement = 27.60 cm,
- weight of the blade = 63 grams ; total weight = 113 grams.
- 1.00 feet is about 12.00 inches and 1.00 inch is about 2.54 cm.


Anonymous said...
June 16, 2011  
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menurut aku keris bengkulu itu yang benar pamornyo merambut dang... kareno motif pamor bilahnyo seperti rambut... kalo ngulit semongko pastilah pamornyo mirip garis2 yang ado di kulit semangko dang... hheheheheheheheehehehehe..

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