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Amathusia phidippus phidippus (Palm King) From Rejang Land


The Amathusia genus comprise a number of similar looking butterflies which are rather difficult to identify. However, in Singapore, only one - The Palm King, is known to exist. All the species are similarly marked with the upper surface some shade of brown, whilst the undersurface is patterned with broad bands of reddish or cinnamon brown and narrower whitish bands. The hindwing has large submarginal ocelli.
The Palm King is crepuscular in habits and often enters lighted houses. It feeds on the coconut palm.

Family : Nymphalidae
SubFamily : Morphinae
Common Name : Palm King
Forms : f. chersias, f. gunneryi

Host (Usually Plant but some feed on Aphid)
S. No. Family Scientific Name (Common Name) Recorded in
1 Palmae Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Talang Rimbo, Curup, Rejang Land


Rejang Land Pal

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