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Danaid Eggfly Butterfly from Rejang Land


Hypolimnas misippus sub species from Rejang land
Danaid Eggfly Fly Butterfly

The Danaid Eggfly is an excellent example of sexual diamorphism. The male is black with white oval spots. The female is a mimic of the unpalatable Plain Tiger in appearance and behavior. It can be distinguished from the Plain Tiger by the single black spot on its hind wing as opposed to three or four spots on the Plain Tiger and by comparing the pattern of their wing margins.


Male upperside black with dark iridescent blue or violet ringed white, oval discal patch on both wings. FW with a small oval spot in the apex. Underside, oval spots prominent which in the HW occupy the entire discal area and a prominent black costal spot. Female upperside orange or orange brown, mimics the plain tiger, danaus chrysippus. FW with white-spotted, black apex and costa. HW with a prominent black costal spot and more wavy margin. Underside FW as above. HW light orange with 3 black spots and a row of small submarginal white spots. Wingspan 70-85mm.

An inhabitant of open country with moderate rainfall, it is a strong and fast flier. Male more common than female, which is an excellent mimic of the plain tiger, D. chrysippus chrysippus from which it can be differentiated by the more wavy HW margins and one prominent costal spot on the upperside as against 3 or 4 spots in the plain tiger. Male highly territorial, often found basking in the sun by resting on bushes or ground with continuous slow movement of wings to the sides. Visits flowers of Lantana, Common Zinnia, Ceylon Carissa, Sunflower, Aztec Marigold, Bachelor’s button , Golden Groundsel, Vipersbugloss, etc. also known as the common eggfly and the Diadem.


Purple brown thickest in the middle, covered with minute white spots. Head with 2 small horns and body with 9 rows of spines.

Feeds on common purslane, country mallow, white barleria, bluebell barleria, asystasia gangetica, justicia betonica, portulaca tuberosa, etc.



, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia , Thailand, Indonesia, Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Africa, Australia, the Carribean Islands and parts of Latin America.

Comparison photo to identify :
We compare photo with Danaid Eggfly Butterfly from Indian and from Rejang Land as you see below. Any comment please write down in this article, do not hesitate :)

Hypolimnas misippus sub species from Rejang land, southern sumatra

Hypolimnas misippus sub species from Narsapur Forest Reserve, India

Hypolimnas misippus sub species from Rejang land, southern sumatra

Hypolimnas misippus sub species from Narsapur Forest Reserve, India

Reference :
Photo from rejang land taken at Talang Rimbo Lama Village, Curup Town, Tanah Rejang


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