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Suban Lesung, the Nature Hot Spring at Rejang Land, Bengkulu Province, Southern Sumatra


It is not far from Curup town as Capital city of Rejang Lebong Regency, at Rejang Land, Bengkulu Province, there are located Suban Lesung Hot Spring. The located is the same area with suban hot spring and megalithikum site thats famous name as crying stone, trisakti stone and, Selongkah princess stone.

The magalith rich with mythology from Passumah Tribe thats influence Rejang Culture as the neighbour of this tribe in history line. This is the evidence thats Passumah Culture present in Rejang Land since long long time ago, and the mithology from they anchestor still live in their descendant as the folk tale in many version, like Rejangese folktale or Passumah Folktale, especially about Crying Stone site.

Suban Lesung Hot Spring Pool

Lesung in Rejang language meaning part of rice pounder mortar set. In this area as I mention above, the form stone megalithikum can find at Trisakti Stone Site.

A little bit different with Suban hot spring, the suban hot spring just a pool clear hot spring water that building with simple construction. The interesting with this pool at side the pool have many big nature stone and the environment pollution yet, still nature att all.

The clear water at Suban Lesung Hot Spring Pool

While you come and bathing at pool of Suban Lesung Spring, you can feel very fresh air thats come from Mountain nearby, cause the rejang land out spread at Sumatrahighland Plateau, so you can enjoy the view of Hill Sumatra Series (Bukit Barisan Sumatra) thas famous in world wide since long time ago.

Big Nature Stones at side the pool nearby.

Actually, as the small town, the air, the environment, farming, sumatra forest, is look like similar with Bukit Tinggi area, if you have been travelling to West Sumatra Region actually :). The Curup town can be reach from Jakarta, via international Soekarno Hatta air port to Padang Kemiling (Now changing name as Fatmawati) air port in Bengkulu Province, thats way will bring you to capital city of Bengkulu Province. Than you can reach Curup Town its easily with public transportation and need about two hours duration trip from Bengkulu City to Curup Town.

The second alternative for local tourism, Curup Town can be reach from Lubuk Linggau City, thats part of South Sumatra district located as barrier between Bengkulu district and South Sumatra District. From this gate many local tourism come from lampung, jambi and south sumatra district nearby. From Lubuk Linggau we need about two - three hours trip to get Curup Town. So, today let make planning try to visit Rejang Land, its different taste of Sumatra.

Its still green environment, thats not easy you find at metropolis city.

Credit Photo from author rejang land blog Curup Kami.


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