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View of Sindang Kelingi Water Fall at Sindang Jati Village, Rejang Lebong Regency, Southern Sumatra


Its not difficult to reach this water fall. But the water fall not famous like other water fall in Rejang Land, due the place just in small village. How ever, the sindang jati village very interesting, in this village a few religion can survive in peace. Sindang Jati Village also have oldies church with beautifull statue Virgin Of Mary than build in netherlands colonial era. I recomended you, if you want come this place make it this place the first destination, while that you can enjoy watching how to palm sugar process, cause most of villager livelihood of making brown sugar (Palm Sugar), and when you back to the hotel you can enjoy and stop over at the Pelalo High Land a sumatera plateau at Rejang land if you from Lubuk Linggau Town. And if you back to Curup Town in main way you while can stop over and enjoy to Pematang Danau (Pematahan Danau, and now goverment change the name Danau Harun Bestari)

The nature view of Sindang Kelingi water fall

You will feel cold and fresh air, due this area in sumatera highland, air of mountain sumatera series and tropical rain forest.

Clear water falling down

From the head of water fall

crackle rocks in the water

slopes waterfall viewed from above, seen edge-edge which is very steep, and if you are lucky you will find a group of monkeys looking for food in the middle of the trees along the river's waterfalls

In the botton, small river have been created

Small bridge at the head of water fall

small dam, which serves to rotate the power generator turbine when netherlands colonial era in Sindang Kelingi territority

This is the hotspring in one area at head of water fall, and using many villager or visitor for taking bath.

The other side of old hots spring pool at Sindang jati Village

The other side of pool at Sindang jati hot spring

Hots spring pool still full with warm water even in dry season


Jon ( Who am I? ) said...
February 05, 2009  
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Looks like an amazing waterfall. These are some great photographs. Thanks for sharing.

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