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Greenish White-lipped Frog, endemic at Bengkulu Province


Rana raniceps

The morphology of R. raniceps is similar to R. chalconota . Both of the species have different dorsal color. R. raniceps is characteristic with green dorsal color; however, R. chalconota is brownish. This species was found in Muara Labuh, Lubuk Selasih, Muara Kambang, Muara Sako, Napal Licin and Upper Rupit River survey sites. It was typically seen on rocks and vegetation along small lowland forest streams, but also seen away from streams in forest, or in highland areas. Primary and degraded forests are equally favored, but a reasonably closed canopy and gently flowing water are essential. In Sumatra it also breeds in ponds and in paddy fields (IUCN, 2006). It is generally common in lowland forest streams, and is less common but still present in highland areas. This species is known from Peninsular Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia (Berry, 1975) and Singapore (Lim and Lim, 1992) ; it has also been recorded from most of Borneo, the Great Nicobar Islands, in India, as well as from northern and western Sumatra, the Anambas Islands and the Natuna Islands (IUCN, 2006). In KSNP, it occurred from100 up to 1000 meters asl.

R. raniceps from Muara Labuh (Photograph by H. Kurniati)


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