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Giant Lowland Frog endemic from Bengkulu and Enggano Island


Limnonectes shompenorum
Giant Lowland Frog

This is lowland frog specialist. It was found in Muara Sako and Muara Kambang survey sites. In the sites, the frog inhabited paddy field and found very common. Some individuals occurred along gravel riverbank. Generally, it occurs in low areas along rivers in tropical forest and forest edges in leaf litter (IUCN, 2006). It is common in Indonesia and abundant in the Nicobar Islands (IUCN, 2006). This species is known from lowland coastal areas of northern and western Sumatra (in Bengkulu, West Sumatra, North Sumatra and Aceh Provinces, all along coastal area to about 200 km inland), the Mentawai Islands (Enggano, Siberut, Sipora, Batu Islands , Nias and Simeulue, and Natuna in Indonesia; and from Great Nicobar Island (India), Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia (IUCN, 2006).

L. shompenorum from Muara Sako (Photograph by H. Kurniati).


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