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Spectacle Rock mountain side, Gold Mining (Lobang Kaca Mata)


The gold mine lebong triumph has left many stories and memories. One of them is Lubang Kaca Mata (english = glass eye cave). Location in the steep cliffs make attraction for visitors.

One of Curupean (Ignatius Arist`s, a Curupean thats so I call people from Curup), made this photo for us. Lets take a look.

This is the mountain side where Spectacle Rock is.

No no... it's not the entrance to Ganon's lair in Zelda. I guess it's obvious why it's called that. These are the openings of a man-made cave as they dig into the mountain said for gold. Yes, it's a gold mine.

This cave does not yield gold any longer, so the mining site has been shifted to another spot nearby. It looks alright, but it reeks bat shit :)

Photo : Ignatius Arist`s


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