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Kejai Dance When the Broad down Ritual Gong Klintang Procession


Tari Kejai Saat Prosesi Ritual Penurunan Gong& Klintang
Kejai, Temuun Gung Klintang

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Curup Town. The sacred dance of Rejang Tribe was documented in Bupati Son`s Ceremoney Wedding of Rejang Lebong Regency today. This event will show you the first step about ritual how to organize rule of the Kejai Dance. The first session name Temuun Gung Klintang, that meaning `Broad down Gong and Klintang . Gong and Klintang is traditional music intrument is accompanied by Kejai Dance. When this session is begin, that is meaning Kejai Dance Event is starting.

The Kejai Dancer must be virgin, that consist of 5, 7, 9 couple (odd number), that the rule. The other rule is the couple must be from different clans. In history Rejang tribe consist of four clans, they are :
  1. Petulai bermani
  2. Petulai jurukalang
  3. petulai tubei
  4. petulai selupu
The four clans in native language famouse as Jang Pat Petulai, or The Four Rejang Clans.
And Kejai dancer call as Anok Sangei that meaning to discribe Ladies and Gent of Rejang Clans still virgin.

Caused the Kejai is sacred, of course have magis situation, when the rule not accepted, unexpected event occurs, such as the dancer unconscious (fainting), or possessed by angrily spirit of the ancestors because the rules violated.


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