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Rejang Country territority around 1828


Buku dengan judul :The East Indian Gazetteer Containing Particular Descriptions of the Empires, Kingdoms, Principalities, Provinces, Cities, Towns, Districts, Fortresses, ditulis oleh : Walter Hamilton, Walter (M. R. A. S.). Hamilton tahun 1828, memberikan sedikit tentang Negeri Rejang Jaman Dahulu.

Dari buku ini diketahui bahwa Negeri rejang sekitar tahun 1828 beribukota di muko-muko.

Passumah district in Sumatra
PASSUMAH A district in Sumatra which nearly borders on Rejang southwards This is an extensive and comparatively a populous country bounded on the north by that of Lamatang and on the south east by that of Lampong It is governed by four Pangerans who are independent of each other but acknowledge a kind of sovereignty in the sultan of Palem bang In the low countries where the pepper planters reside the title"

Rejang Country
REJANG A country in the island of Sumatra divided on the northwest from the petty state of Anak Sungei of which Mocomoco is the capital by the small river Uri near that of Kuttaim which last with the district of Laboon on its banks bounds it on the north or inland side The country of Musi where the Palembang river rises forms its limits to the eastward Bencoolen confines it on the south cast The Rejangs are divided into
mixture of the Battn and Malay Martden Jnnci Leyden c


Rejang Land Pal

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