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Nepenthes Sumatrana


N. sumatrana

A giant pitcher plant from Sumatra. This lowlander (0-1000m) doesn't only produce large pitchers - the whole plant is huge. It grows together with N. longifolia and shares some similarities. Seems also to be a good pitcher keeper and maker so far. The leafs vary between olive green and maroon.

N. longifolia

A lowland plant (300-1100m) from Sumatra that is supposedly shade loving. It pitchers wonderfully for us, if the humidity is good. Size is increasing now, after some time of waiting.

N. tobaica

A fast growing undemanding highland (950-2750m) plant named after Lake Toba in Sumatra. It's desire to climb and produce many pitchers make it look like an oversized N.gracilis or should I say undersized N. reinwardtiana? The pitchers last a lot longer if there is sufficient humidity. It doesn't waste a lot of time making lower pitchers, but starts soon to climb.



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