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Abaut Rafflesia Arnoldii Story Named


By : Musiardanis

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was appointed to be the Governor of Bengkulu in 1818. He arrived in Bengkulu in March 1818 accompanied by his wife, Lady Sophia Raffles, and a Head of the Traditional Javanese Raden Rana Dipura. In the trip from Inggeris to Bengkulu, Lady Sophia Raffles gave birth to a daughter who was given by the name of Charlotte Sophia Tanjung Segara Raffles. When he arrived in Bengkulu, he found a destroyed city because of earthquake. Because of that, he named the city as the Dead Land. However after that, Raffles together with the Bengkulu people built and generated again the city.
Governor Raffles was assigned in Bengkulu for 6 years, that is from 1818 to 1824. While being assigned in Bengkulu, Raffles often carried out the trip to the hinterlands. In one of his trips, Raffles accompanied by his wife and Dr. Arnold (the expert in Botany), stopped over in Pulau Lebar Village, Lubuk Tapi (South Bengkulu). In this village Raffles found a very big and beautiful flower. The local inhabitants named this flower Petimun Sikinlili or Sirih Hantu. This flower was afterwards given a new name, Rafflesia Arnoldy, that was taken from the names of Raffles and Dr. Arnold.
Now, the Rafflesia Flower has been the symbol of the Bengkulu Province and the province is called as Bumi Rafflesia. The Rafflesia flower now still often was found in the conservation forest in the district of Rejang Lebong and in Talang Tais Village in the Kaur district.



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