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Aeschynanthus radicans, Jack 1823


Aeschynanthus radicans Jack.
(Not A. radicans Wallich, which is A.griffithii R. Brown).
Stems scrambling and trailing, hairy; leaves hairy especially below, up to 4 x 2.8cm long, elliptic to ovate, apex bluntly pointed; inflorescences axillary and terminal, usually 2-flowered; calyx up to 2.1 cm, green sometimes flushed reddish, hairy; corolla up to 5.5cm long, externally scarlet with white hairs, internally whitish in throat, glabrous; stamens not exserted.

Thailand, Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Sarawak & Kalimantan

Credit photo:
Nurkholis Sastro at Lebong Regency, South West Sumatra

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