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Butterfly : Papilio nephelus albolineatus Forbes, 1885, female form


Rare Butterfly
Papilio nephelus albolineatus
from Rejang Land

I believe this is the Papilio Nephelus albolineatus, Forbes 1885, synonym with Papilio nephelus saturnus, Rothschild, 1895. For today the Papilio Nephelus sp is very rare and present in IUCN Red data.

Capture the male can see at LINK and both of them recorded from Curup town, Rejang Land, south west Sumatra, Indonesia.

Papilio nephelus albolineatus female form (2011)

The specimen capture in nature of Rejang land in year 2011 as evidence this papilio still exist in Rejang land.

Papilio Nephelus albolineatus female form from rejang land (Photo by Curup Kami)

The image above taken by my author Curup Kami at Rejang Lebong Regency.

Pattern wing from catalog
for Papilio nephelus :

Pattern female form Papilio nephelus wings.

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