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Biston pustulata (Warren, 1896)


Photo by Arga Yudha

Biston pustulata (Warren, 1896)
female form

It is photo Biston pustulata female form. very good capture taken from Curup town, rejang land, south west sumatra highland, Bengkulu province, Indonesia.

Biston pustulata from insektarium japan :

Credit :

ID already confirm by :
Dr. Dieter Stuening,

Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig
Adenauerallee 160, D-53113 Bonn, Germany


ardikhlash ( Who am I? ) said...
January 17, 2011  
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how do you do!
Nice Picture, sir!
is that butterfly on coffee's leaf?
It seems no ancient for me. I ever saw a bigger one. we call that "Kupu-kupu gajah" but its so difficult to find it now. I believe its still there till today.in your picture, when did you capture it?
thank you


Taneak Jang Tanah Rejang Rejang Land ( Who am I? ) said...
January 17, 2011  
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hi ardi
how do you do :)
its nice to meet you hare.

It is a moth, not butterfly. yeah the at coffe leaf. its hard to identify, bacause really similar between biston pustulata and biston insularis, and no many people espert in geometridae moth, and thanks for Dr. Dieter Stuening, LEPIDOPTERA & TRICHOPTERA SECTION, to help us and make sure what the ID, and he say that is biston pustulata female, and the photo rare for share recently.

One moth the bigger one as you say kupu kupu gajah or in my native call `ambai ambai gajeak` still can find at rejang land, but not often and easy again like afew years ago, the species start to be rare, what a pity :(


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