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Papilio memnon anceus f. anceus; (female form) Cramer, [1779]


Papilio memnon anceus Cramer, [1779]
Great Mormon from Sumatra, Nias, and Batu

Photo by Ervina Susanti

Papilio memnon is Great Mormon. The first description of this butterfly was in 1758 by Linnaeus. There are many subspecies and one of them is Papilio memnon anceus that endemic in Sumatra, Nias, and Batu island.

The female form have mimicry. This polymorphic, female-limited Batesian mimicry was first described by Alfred Russel Wallace (1865). For subspecies Papilio memnon anceus, first description by Cramer in 1779. There are 5 mimicry female form have reported :
  1. Papilio memnon anceus f. erebinus; (female form)
  2. Papilio memnon anceus f. trochila; (female form)
  3. Papilio memnon anceus f. anceus; (female form)
  4. Papilio memnon anceus f. gerania; (female form)
  5. Papilio memnon anceus f. butis; (female form)
Following below a few photo taken by my friend ervina susanti and she sucsess make capture one female form known as Papilio memnon anceus f. anceus; (female form). Thanks a lot for her to sharing us this photos. She was captured in Curup town, rejang land, bengkulu province, Indonesia. The area about 600-700 meters above from level sea.

P. m. anceus f. anceus flies suck nectar of citrus sp. flowers

Larval food


  • Atalantia buxifolia
  • Citrus sp.
  • Fortunella japonica
  • Paramignya scandens
  • Poncirus trifoliata
  • Severinia buxifolia
  • Toddalia asiatica
  • Zanthoxylum ailanthoides
  • Zanthoxylum nitidum

Here you can see the form Papilio memnon anceus f. anceus (female form) monograph for help recognization to spesifically identify if you find this butterfly in wild nature.



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