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Long Finger Ring, Rejang Nail Accesories Evidence


I am not sure what Long Finger Ring accesories in Rejang language mentioned. Noe, in South Sumatra call as Tanggai. Tanggai dance to be official dance from South Sumatra Province recently, even though the Long Finger Ring (Tanggai) also owner by a few tribe from Lampung Province (Muli Dance) and Bengkulu Province (rejang and pasemah tribe).

In Bengkulu province the original dance to be vanished,because their parents did not teach it to their children. And new creation Tanggai dance from sumatra present as instead.

Following below the evidence long finger ring from rejang land (lais) and bengkulu, taken from Volkenkunde Museum Netherland, to be evidence that rejang tribe also have long finger ring also.

Five finger rings from Bengkulu . 1
Dimension :6.5 cm

Finger Ring from Lais, Rejang Culture, Northern Bengkulu,South west Sumatra,Indonesia. 1
Dimension : 5 x 1.2 cm

Long finger nail dance from Empat lawang regency, rejang land, south Sumatra 2

Sigei Dance or tari sembah,long finger ring from lampung province. 4

Long finger Nail Dance (Tari Muli) from Lampung Province,Sumatra

Long finger nail dancer, South Sumatra 3

Long finger nail dancer, South Sumatra 3

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