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Kaur Tapis, Antique textile from Bengkulu Province


Its very rare about publishing antique textile especially from Bengkulu Province Indonesia. I believe this is Tapis owner by Kaur Tribe, where the populated now at kaur regency, at border land between Lampung and Bengkulu province, south west sumatra, Indonesia. In Bengkulu province, the kaur tribe only posible have the Tapis textile in history.

This photo publish by Museum kenis. That give us a bit data :
object name sarong sarong

  • datering dating
  • voor 1878 for 1878

  • materiaal material
  • katoen; flanel; goud, gouddraad cotton, flannel, gold, gold

  • afmetingen dimensions
  • L 135 cm ; B 61 cm L 135 cm, 61 cm B

  • verwerving acquisition
  • 1878 INSUL aankoop 1878 INSUL purchase

  • geografische herkomst geographical origin
  • Bengkulu Bengkulu

  • culturele herkomst cultural origin
  • Bengkulu Bengkulu

These paintings are in southern Sumatra. Several museums have such canvases, although they are often damaged and sometimes of poor quality. This museum has about twenty of these paintings, but unfortunately sometimes the colors are not as clear as in this copy.

Tapis were worn by rich women and girls in festive occasions such as weddings. The paintings reveal influences from outside. Probably early Chinese traders introduced the embroidery techniques, from South Asia were imported silk and gold thread. All this is reflected in these paintings. The richness in South Sumatra was mainly due to the pepper trade.

Credit :
Museum Kenis and Volkenkunde Museum, Netherland


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