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The semende plate dance from Kaur Tribe, South West Sumatra


Tari (Piring) Dewa Sembilan
Kaur (Semende) Culture

There are a small village name Muara Sahung, at Bintuhan as capital city of Kaur Regency, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia.

Muara sahung majority have as Kaur Culture and Semende as subtribe in this area. The location in southwest sumatra coastal where the border line Lampung province and Bengkulu province. Of course this area far away from big city, so thats why their culture be uncommon in public. That the challenge!

The dance with small plate hold at thumb and the candle on the head

One of my friend name Imrodilli made documentation photo at present event in Loka Karya dan Tata Ruang in Muara sahung village at year 2005. Due rare documentation about this culture, I decide to publish this photo event the custom dress possibly anappropriate with Kaur Custom Origin becaude if make the good one will be need to much fee.

That very important thing, how to introduce semende plate dance to public, right?

See the ten plate at the floor and the shoulder cloth as a base.

The rare and unique dance from Kaur (Semende) culture

Look amazing with small plate at thumb finger

The traditional instrument music call as rebab or rabana use to accompany semende plate dance

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GuaGituLoh ( Who am I? ) said...
December 25, 2009  
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Tari diatas bernama Tari Dewa Sembilan..

demikian sebagai tambahan informasi.

Taneak Jang Tanah Rejang Rejang Land ( Who am I? ) said...
January 08, 2010  
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Terimakasih atas infonya, nama tarian di bagian judul telah di update.


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