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Full bloom Rafflesia Arnoldii at Rejang Land (Begining November 2009)


Again, Rafflesia season come to rejang land. This one shoot by Marini Sipayung at near Tebat Monok Village, where the conservation forest area in Kepahiang regency, rejang land, Bengkulu province Indonesia.

This area can reach from Bengkulu air port about one and half our by car or bus, and very near with main road Bengkulu regency and Kepahiang regency. I think it will be a history in your life if you can see by your self the biggest parasite plant in the world. Due many times bloom in this area, I recomended you to let make a note from today for next year make your holiday and travelling to see the rafflesia bloom at rejang land tropical rain forest. Let`s see the other land in Indonesia that possibly you never hear before. Come to rejang land!.

Pretty look at centre

Full bloom at Tebat Monok Village

The knop will be bloom at a couple week posibbly

The knop

The colour of Rafflesia Arnoldii from tebat monok, rejang land

Marini Sipayung, with her Rafflesia Arnoldii

Credit :
Photo by Marini Sipayung


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