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Boiga Bengkuluensis, the Rejang land snake Origin


Long, slender boyga, the large size of which (up to 2 m) concealed by a slight physique. Described as separate species, most recently, in 2003, native of Herpetology specimens from Curup-Kepahiang, Rejang land, Sumatra (Bengkulu province), Indonesia

Previously considered a color variation boygi Drepeza (Boiga drapiezii). The boundaries of the range and distribution of parts need to be clarified. In Sumatra, this boyga found in Borneo and the Malay Peninsula. It inhabits primary and secondary tropical forests, adhering to the middle and lower tiers of woody vegetation, usually kept near water.
The body is very delicate, elegant, especially in front, like a whip.Head seems disproportionately large in the background of a narrow neck. With an impressive length of this snake was not impressed big. Protective coloration combined with an intricate pattern of spots and stripes, masking the snake in the trees. The tone olive or greenish-brown. On the body sides, alternate dark brown and orange on the green field blur. Below is a series of small whitish splashed with red spots. Голова зеленая. The head is green. With age, picture loses contrast, and snakes have become nearly self-colored, brownish-green.
Conditions are similar to other species of the genus Boiga.

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Photo by : Kin Onn on Flickr


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