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Katak bertanduk sumatra - Malayan Horned Frog


Megophrys nasuta (Schlegel, 1858)

Megophrys nasuta from Curup, Rejang land, Bengkulu province, Sumatra Indonesia

Known as Kekek betanduk in rejang land, this frog was discribe for first time by Schlegel in year 1858. He report about distribution in Borneo, sumatra and peninsular malaya. But recently it is rare to find in nature. In taxonomy Schlegel named this frog as Malayan Horned Frog or Megophrys nasuta as ID. Synonim with Megophrys montana.

In rejang land many amphibia need to research and make check list for inventaritation, but this way nobody do yet, so need hard work to tell the world about how rich biodiversity flora and fauna in rejang land.

Megophys nasuta have specific features that are different from other types of toads. The ‘horn’ is very wide and pointed, with triangular projection from the edge of both eyelids. The hind legs are shorter than the front legs and normally males are substantially smaller than females. The colour is light clay to reddish red with one or two dark spots on the back.
Using its leaf-like appearance for camouflage, the Horned Toad is virtually undetectable in the leaf litter of the forest unless it moves. The animal is perfectly designed to fit in with its surrounding.

The Horned Toad lives in flat to steep rain forest where thick bamboo grows and the area is damp and cool. It is commonly found throughout Borneo, Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia.

This frog have registered at IUCN red list 2009 as LC status and can read at link.
Other picture or information about this frog can read in this blog at link and link. Admin

Photo by Andy Armanda
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detris mahadefa said...
June 24, 2009  
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That shown in rejang lands magical things could happen... lets save our home land from destructive activitiesss...... saluut for this blogg author... Me, as one of Rejangist youth, want to say Thanx so much.....

shoorisan ( Who am I? ) said...
July 17, 2009  
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assalammu'alikum wr wb
alep nien......uku salut ngen blog yo. awie ipe amen uku lak gabung "berkontribusi"
salam kenal, gen ku jaya, kunai cu'up. umeak ku nak pasar tengah.
wasalammu'alikum wr wb


Taneak Jang Tanah Rejang Rejang Land ( Who am I? ) said...
July 17, 2009  
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Dear mr. jaya

Semua artikel tulisan bisa di kirimkan ke taneakjang@gmail.com

Email balasan telah admin kirim.

Selamat berkontribusi dan berkolaborasi.


mybisnis ( Who am I? ) said...
September 25, 2009  
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keren...kalau tida ketemu blog ini sampai tua ngga kan tau kalau ada katak bertanduk sebagai kekayaan satwa yang luar biasa...

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