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Rafflesia Arnoldii - The Devil Betel Nut Set Flower from Rejang Land


Known as Bungei Sekedei by Rejang people, has meaning as Devil Betel Nut Set Flowers, Rafflesia arnoldii still survive at tropical rain forest Bengkulu province, sumatra island. Where Sir Stamford Raffless and Arnoldii known as founder this creature and make discription about this flowers to world wide for the first time.

This is the evidence, Rafflesia arnoldii, Rafflesia bengkuluensis, Rafflesia Hasselti and biggest flowers in the world Titan arum still survive and often blooming closed to every year at rejang land, part of Bengkulu province. So if you interest to see and make research about species above, rejang land rain forest is the right place. As part of Bengkulu province, I believe many flora fauna in my home town need research and discription from all of you. Are you interest? So let`s visit rejang land, the truely sumatra highland.

Credit photo by Usman Yasin, Presiden Lembak Foundation, Bengkulu



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