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Opening Curup Town 129th Anniversary Ceremony


Today May 14th is Curup Town 129th anniversary. Curup town is capital city of rejang lebong regency, part of rejang land, Bengkulu province, located at south west sumatra island, Indonesia.

Curup Town 129th anniversary evet will be present with many acticivity in two weeks, begin at May 14 th and will be end at may 29th 2009.

This photo is taken recently as opening ceremony. Various exhibitions and cultural activities can be seen in the setia negara field as central activity. Before opening ceremony begin, as first activity, there are traditional dress carnaval following by 15 districts and institutions in the Rejang lebong regency. (Photo by Curup Kami)

Opening dance of rejangese, present for opening Curup town 129th anniversary

Performance traditional martial art of rejangese

Rejang lady`s (semulen jang), wear rejang dress in ceremony

Giant punjung consist of 1500 ibets

Fresh oven punjung witha few ibets

Traditional dress carnaval, health departement contingent

Eastern Curup district contingent traditional dress carnaval

Waiting for chief of Rejang Lebong regency coming for open ceremoney

Presentation betel nut for dedicate to Bupati as chief of Rejang Lebong regency, to open the ceremony event


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