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Folk Song : Anok Lumang - The orphan child


Anok Lumang
Orphan Child

Anok Lumang meaning orphan child or anak yatim piatu in bahasa.

This is a mourning rejang folksong video, clip shoot taken at Curup town, capture a historis tourism place name Tabarena Bridge, where the heroic of rejang people happened to face Hollander and Japanesse before Indonesia freedom. Below the long bridge flow head of Musi River, it is the longest river in Sumatra Island. Musi river forward to south sumatra region and pass at the hearth of capital city south Sumatra province, Palembang.

P.S. :
Thank to Anton Topos a rejangese student at Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt to send me the file, so all of you can enjoy this song.


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