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Papilio memnon agenor female form Sp from Rejang Land, Sumatra


In rejang land I think more than a thousand species butterfly still exist. Rejang people call butterfly as ambai - ambai or mamai

The Great Mormon is an interesting butterfly in that it has many different female forms. This large "Swallowtail" feeds on Citrus, in particular, the Pomelo. It is fairly common in Rejang Land, and can usually be found along jungle paths and feeding on flowering plants.

The male upperside is black dusted with blue. On the underside, the hindwing has a red tornal patch and both wing bases are red.

I need help to identify what female form name for this species (memnon f. distantianus; memnon f. agenor; memnon f. butlerianus? or other names for this one, please let me know and give at the comment side in this post).

The female forms esperi, butlerianus, agenor and very rarely, ityla are found in Singapore. In Rejang Land nobody report yet about the female form. The form butlerianus was recently spotted on the island of Pulau Ubin, one of Singapore's offshore islands. This form has not be seen on the main island in recent years. The caterpillar resembles that of the Lime Butterfly, but grows to a much larger size. The pupa is suspended with a girdle as in most Papilionidae pupae.


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