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Kamau - Traditional Fishing Trap of Rejang People


The Rejangese Fishing Trap

Rejang people in daily life have many various etniq traditional equipment. And photo below to show you a kind of fishing trap call as Kamau in Rejang language (Lebong dialect, admin). The charateristic of kamau only have one hole as fishing trap, and the hole form look like bottle neck as you see below. The kamau used to catch fish in the river. Kamau made from bamboo (Buluak seik) or rattan.

Base on Rejang people, they say many various of Kamau refers to they village. So we can recognise where kamau`s village come from base on kamau form. For this photo the kamau form from Kota Donok Village, Lebong Regency, Rejang Land, Bengkulu province, Sumatra, Indonesia.

Credit photo by Mardy Cipto
Location : Mardy`s grandma house at Kota Donok Village, Lebong regency.
Cross check name by Anton Tapus, Fahdel Fajry, Tun Jang

Collection Volvenkunde Museum


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