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Hylarana siberu the exotic frog from Bengkulu


Common name :
Siberut Island frog

Type locality :
"Teitei Bulak, Sabeuleleu, Siberut [Island], 1° 21´S, 98° 59´E", Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.

Distribution :
iberut Island, Mentawai island group, and possibly montane forested regions of Sumatra (Bengkulu, Barisan Selatan, and Jambi); Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia.

Life history :
Previously thought to be endemic to Siberut Island, Indonesia but recently discovered in two localities in Pahang. They resemble Hylarana picturata in appearence but can be distinguished by having a continuous dorsolateral stripe, an immaculate dorsum without spots and males lacking nuptial pads. Hylarana siberu inhabits undisturbed lowland forests where they can be found in swampy habitats.

Snout-Vent-Length :
up to 39.5 mm (male); 44.9 mm (female)

Tympanum :

Skin :
Skin above fine to coarsely granular; males have humeral glands but no nuptial pads;

Dorsal color :
Ground color dark brown to black; continuous orange-red dorsolateral stripe from snout to groin; dorsum immaculate, without spots; flanks and upperside of limbs with yellowish spots;

Ventral color :
Brown with yellow markings on throat.

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