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Simple Oldies House of Rejangese from Seguring Village


Today, I would like introduce you about simple Rejangese oldies house from old rejang tribe`s village name Seguring. Mainly the house made from wood with best quality. This house have build for many years, so of course the age is very old. One of my blog author make a journey to old rejang tribe`s village for give us more detail about Rejang architecture and details.

the oldies house above look bit different with mainly form Rejang oldies house in Seguring village. But this house have a little bit Rejang Art Carving that will be show for you. The carving seem simple but still look clearly. Pole foundation and stairs made from cement and bulid with medium height. The bottom space of the pit house in use to store wood for fire in cooking.

The following carving located at aroud veranda hall circle, with the same relief. The relief form as you see in photo above look like as plain rhomb from (belah ketupat yang datar) with small simetris rhomb inside. This relief call as Motif Sisik Nanas (squama pineapple fruit motif). And between the other Rhom relief put in with another carving relief with form like star or flower with the sun in pole or centre.

while at the front of the wall near the entrance of the left side there is a right of the two having a carving board the same but in a vertical position as you see above.

This is a detail cariving from the pole terrace or veranda in this oldies house, the detail same like Motif Sisik Nanas but just carve in hal shape or dominan with triangel relief form.

In the area which is the pillar of the fence there is a buffer carving patterns with fan relief and rhomb relief.

form at the quarter pole and the tip of the base og veranda pillar and other.

Photo : Curup Kami


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