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The Rejangese House of The Limas Roof


Photo by Alex Muhibat

One of traditional Rejangese houses type is Limas House that were found in the Rejang Lebong Regency. Limas meaning is pyramid. The Rejangese House of The Limas RoofRumah have found at Talang Ulu, Kesambe Baru , Dusun Curup and Pasar Tengah nearby. Today the Rejangese House of the limas roof not 0riginal as Rumas Limas Rejang any more. We just found pyramid roof type with higher pole if we compare with Limas House of South Sumatra Region indigenous.

The owner this house is Mr.A.Rivai, 90 yo, according to his cousin Mrs. Nining, this house build by his grand father Mr. A Goni.

A view from behind, look still strong.....

One of furniture that still was....

The old chair with the decoration of the rattan cane work

Main room

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