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Rejang Hall - Balei Jang


Balei Jang

Balei Jang meaning is Rejang Hall or Balai Jang in bahasa. The model Rejang Hall was located at Bazuki Rachmat, in Curup Town. Balei Jang model was more than 20 years old. The hall still exist but uncare at all by local goverment. What a pity....!

Let take a look. In his time this Rejang Hall in equipped with original equipment of the domestic household of Rejang tribe indigenous. A pair of ladder in right and left the terrace, and the window of with typical Rejang`s traditional house.

Today if we visit there, we just found this Rejang Hall as you see at photo below. The ladder of the house that only was left in left side the veranda. Dirty and dilapidated need touch from local goverment soon. There is no traditional equipment of Rejang tribe inside any more :( . So sad .There is no Balei Jang any more. This is the only one of model Rejang Hall we can found.


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