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Pelalo view Sumatrahigland - The Truely Sumatera View


Pelalo Highland - The Truely Sumatera View

One of beautifull view from Rejang land highland named as Pelalo. Pelalo is a village located at mainway beetween Curup Town and Lubuk Linggau City. Pelalo is one of many beautifull panorama view that you can enjoy at Sumatera Highland. From Tropical rain forest as interior view, farm area in valley of lowside of Kaba Mountain, Besar Mountain, Kerinci Seblat National Park and Lubuk Linggau city in far away. You will breathing with fresh mountain air here, feel how pretty cool your skin when fog will touch you immediately come and bring by slow blowing of wind from Kaba Mountain. Its will be a romantic moment if you visit this area with your couple. This is truely sumatera view.

Like a painting

More painting by nature

Farm area with mountain as back ground

Farm area

Still look green till today

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