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Bengkulu Valiant Blades



Blade: 16 1/2" (straight) - 3/16" hand-forged-to-shape Spring Steel, tapered, sharpened & hardened.
Handle: Buffalo horn, fine carving.
Sheath: Ironwood, horn fittings.
Length: 25" (straight).
Weight: 500gr ; OA = 700gr.

It is on the southwest coast of the island of Sumatra, and borders the provinces of West Sumatra, Jambi, South Sumatra and Lampung. The highly curved blade shape of this golok is traditional to the Bengkulu region.

The blade length of the Bengkulu is 18" and OAL is 24" (both measured straight across); the weight is 22 oz. The blade of this golok has more curvature than the Valiant parangs, and would deliver draw cuts without even trying.

Golok Bengkulu form was similar to the Middle East sword but not pointed in tip of sword. The handle had the shape of the horn of the animal (buffalo, etc), the long measurement bilah between 40-45 cm in a wide manner 3 cm , with cover made from wood.

Today, Golok Bengkulu can be find as handycraft in Kepahiang regency in Rejang land. Some person make as collection and souvenir.

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